The greatest vignettes that I love to write about are the times of love in my life.  Not only the people I love or have loved, but the things that I love.  One way to approach this topic in your writing life is to make a list of the different people you have loved in your lifetime.  This list could be divided into categories such as a romantic loves, friendships, family, etc.  Now you can also make a list of the things you love to do.  What are some things you love to do but are maybe now no longer physically able to do?  Who are the pets in your lifetime that you have loved? 

Stretch yourself a bit further and focus down on the loves you have loved and now no longer have.  Tell about what you have learned about yourself in each of these relationships.  In these relationships, are there some that you wish you could just erase completely from your life or are you thankful for the lessons you learned through them?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy