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Coming August 23-26 will be the opportunity for you to bond with other women who want to write their legacy.  We will have the most delicious gourmet meals prepared by a wonderful amazing woman.  We will learn together, write together, share together.  I still have some shared loft space available if you are interested in joining us.  The cost is $550.00 which includes accomodations in Big Bear Lake and all the meals.  Arrive Friday evening by 5 pm and leave Monday around noon.  We will have over 16 hours of workshop time plus private time for you to write.

Are you thinking about joining us?
What you can expect…
A lot of time to learn…
A lot of time to share…
A lot of time to wine and dine…
A lot of time to shop or lounge in town…
A lot of time to get back in touch with yourself…
A lot of time to meditate…
A lot of time to write…
A lot of time to bond with bond with new friends…
A lot of time to be alone…
These are the workshops I will be teaching:
  • Fundamental building blocks for writing your memoir
  • Ways to begin your memoir
  • Bringing in the childhood into your memoir
  • Using flashbacks in your memoir
  • Timeline construction
  • Flashforward hints and tips
  • Telling your backstory and doing it well
  • Finding your theme
  • Memoir writing tips – lots of them
  • Memoir writing ideas and themes
  • How to create a story and narrative arc
  • Craft of memoir and getting inspiration
  • Writing your truth
  • The journey of memoir writing
 (And for those of you who can’t make Big Bear I will be teaching this all new material in the fall, but it will cover a total of 3 months of classes to get it all in…3 months at $160 each is $480)….so for just a little bit more you are getting a whole retreat!
If you are interested but money is an issue please send me an email and we can discuss options for you!   thememoircoach@gmail.comseder blog
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