Since I have this week off, we decided to explore the Paso Robles wine country.  It seemed like the perfect idea since we both love exploring and we love wine. Paso Robles this time of year is so beautiful.  The leaves are changing colors and the air is so crisp!  Our first stop was an organic winery (Pipestone) that was planted according to feng shui.  The wines were delicious and the winery dog (of course) is always a favorite of mine!  Then we traveled up to Dunning winery, beautiful oak trees, but the wine was not up to my taste.  The next stop was a great find, we went to Changala.  This place had excellent wines plus 4 of the wines were paired with chocolates.  We had lavendar chocolate, orange chocolate, dark chocolate and even one wine was paired with garlic chocolate!  Then Dover Creek which was good, then Hearthstone, then Denati and ended at Denner.  Denner was a bit to hoyty-toyty for my likings (did I spell that right?) The next morning we woke up and walked the dogs for 45 min. saw beautiful deer all along the hillside, magical!  Then we went off on a 20 mile bike ride.  Exploring the central coast is a great thing to do, especially during the fall!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy