4 day Mega Workshop: Each day 10 am – 4:00 (lunch included each day, sunday instead of lunch we have an all you can eat brunch!) You will get 5 hours of writing instruction and practical writing each day.

Pick one day only $100.00

Pick any two days: $180 (Save $20!)

Pick any three days: $265 (Save $35!)

Come all four days: $350 (Save $50)

Come for one day or all 4!

Sunday Feb 8   – Capturing Memories and Turning them into a Page Turning Memoir

this 32 page workbook that you will receive includes topics such as how to map your story, how to achieve vivid memories, vocabulary, resources to aid in your writing, how to balance story and reflection, dialogue and also the importance of finding the right structure for you memoir/ Bonus I will teach you 5 strategies that will motivate you to write every day!)

Monday Feb 9 – How to Write a Knockout Short Story (14 pages)/Writing the Perfect Scene (10 pages)

Tuesday Feb 10 – Descriptive Writing Workshop (8 pages)/ Exploring Writing about your mother (or grandmother) I am excited about this newest workshop I am currently writing. It is through writing and discovering more of this key relationship in your life that you will unlock the door to yourself. No matter what type of relationship you had with your mother or motherly figure in your life, discover more of you by writing about her.

Wednesday Feb 11- Women’s Legacy (we will do all sections which normally is $160 for the 4). Topics we will explore and write about Expression of Love, Unexpected Circumstances, Peace and Turmoil and Our Dreams and Daydreams This is a great class whether or not you have been to any of the women’s legacy classes, come write with us as we explore these topics and not only will you learn how to dig into your own thoughts and beliefs but you will learn how to better express yourself through your writing.


To register for one or all, this is how you do it:

This is a first come first served basis and seating is limited. You send a check to TLC Writing Workshops

mail it to 712 Vista Chino in Palm Springs, California 92262

Once I receive your check I will notify you by email that check has been received and that your spot has been reserved.

You have over a month to clear your schedule and I am coming from Baja to teach some great classes, so go ahead and sign up!

All workshops will be held at Heritage Palms Country Clubseder blog

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