Writing for me is a passion.  I write each day, whether it is something in my journal or on the computer.  I realized the other day that I write because I want to remember and  because I want to be remembered.  Ok, I am going to admit  something to you…I love reading the obituaries.  I no longer get the physical paper, but I read the paper online,  from the local Desert Sun, to my hometown San Jose Mercury News to even venturing off to read the LA Times.  Here is what I love about reading the obituaries, it gives me a glimpse into who that person was.  I especially like it if there is a picture that goes with the obituary.  I always wonder who was the one to choose the picture.  You all know what I mean, sometimes the picture is of them when they were much younger and other times it looks as if they were already dead and gone, I mean really people…give them some respect!!  But truthfully, it is not the picture that I care about so much but what is written.  I have a special binder where I save some of these obituaries.  The questions pour through my mind, such as who wrote it, what they say, is the deceased quoted or do they use someone else’s quotes.  But what I am really interested in, deep down is what is their legacy they are leaving behind.  I want to know what did they do to make the world a better place. 

I am inspired by reading the obituaries because I am reminded that life is precious.  Obituaries are generally full of the elderly, but sprinkled throughout are the young who seemed to die way before they should have.  So many times I feel as I read about the children who have passed on that they lived each day with a sense of purpose.  Their legacy was about living in the moment, being fully present.  Each time I read about a younger persons death, it reminds me that life is precious, whether you live to be 100 or only 10. 

Each obituary represents a celebration of a life.  I think a great exercise to do is to practice writing your obituary.  What is it that you want to say about yourself, and what is it that you want others to remember you for?  This exercise will allow you to contemplate what is the legacy you want to leave behind?  Every one of us can leave a legacy behind, start thinking about yours.  Live your life more purposely and more present…start this very instant!

Another thought to think about is what are you learning?  I have just found the video function on my blackberry and thanks to the magic of youtube you can see my creations (I posted 5 I think!)  You can go to youtube.com and do a search for mstammy64 and that should take you to my videos.  Maybe I can start making video journals as well, just a thought!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy