Those of you who know Melitas love her.  Next month marks my 2 year anniversary of meeting this amazing woman.  Last spring I learned that she was in charge of her desert golf leagues newsletters and each month she would take her little self down to Staples (her favorite store) and have them print over 200 newsletters (probably closer to 300, but I am too tired to call her to get the correct number, but I am sure she will let me know the exact number).  Then when they copied all the newsletters, she would go home and put them into the envelopes, put on the address labels, then the stamps and then seal each envelope!  When I learned of this ordeal I said “Stop the Presses!  Melitas, why don’t you start doing your newsletters online like I do?” 

Well, at the age of 93 Melitas just sent off her first Constant Contact newsletter!  No more licking all those envelopes (well, actually she didn’t lick them, she had the envelopes where you pull the plastic off the back).  So at the young age of 93 Melitas is still working behind the scenes on the golf newsletter, blogging on Mondays on the Memoir Coach and still driving to see her friends at Staples! 

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy