The picture to the left is of my great-grandparents.  I unfortunately never had the opportunity to know them as they passed away before I was born.  Even though I never had the privilege of getting to know my father’s grandparents I have heard many wonderful stories about them.  As you can see from the picture my great-grandmother towered over my great-grandfather.  Just looking at this picture makes me smile because I would have never put them together as a couple.  But from what I have heard my great-grandfather adored her.

I would love to know the story of how they met and fell in love.  The beauty about you writing your memoir is that you can tell your story to the generations that will come after you that you may never know.  You can tell them about how you met your mate and fell in love or you can share stories of what attracted you to that seemingly opposite personality.  You can share your view on love and what it takes to make that love last through the years.  Or you may want to share on why you moved on and didn’t make it work.  The joy of writing will take you back to those places that you may want to explore deeper.  Take out those pictures and start today by sharing what you were feeling in those moments.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy