As a Memoir teacher I think alot about memories.  I find it fascinating that something can stay hidden in my brain for years and suddenly emerge!  Just the other night I was walking Courtney in the evening and I could hear the boom boom of a bass drum from the high school marching band many miles away.  This sound immediately transported me to the fall of 1978 when I was entering Andrew Hill High School in San Jose.  My sister, Sandy was a senior and had told me how much fun marching band was.  It did look fun going to the football games so I thought I would join it.  The memory that emerged for me was remembering that I couldn’t march and play at the same time.  All I can remember that whole fall of marching band season was counting out my steps and pretending to play my clarinet.  It had been years since I recalled that memory!

Another way to get those memories to emerge out of your subconscious is to visit an antique store.  Sometimes going to visit these shops will bring back so many memories for you.  What are the things you remember about your kitchen growing up or visiting at your grandparents home.  What are the smells you remember?  Take some time this week to stroll down memory lane and see what you can recall.  Use the computer to help you go back in time, there are so many wonderful sites that are standing by ready to share with you and open up those memories for you. 

One last tool is to go through your photos with new eyes.  Don’t just look at the people in the pictures, but look at the cars, houses, clothes.  If you saw the movie, The Help this was a great movie to show you clothes and cars from that era. 

Keep your eyes open, you never know when a new memory will emerge and when it does be sure to capture it!

My big sister, Sandy and me!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy