Many of our memories resonate with us on an emotional level.  Sometimes it may be a song we hear on the radio.  Maybe it is a special quote from a favorite author.  A special smell of your grandmother’s apple pie or the smell of fresh cut grass.  Sometimes you may see an old car that you used to drive that has a story behind it. 

All of these things can become a part of your memoir.  What are those things that resonate with you emotionally?  Think of your 5 senses and see what it evokes for you.

Holidays can cause us to feel tremendous joy and also tremendous sadness.  As the emotions run through you, what is it that you remember? 

Today in your writing contemplate what those things are that stir your emotions.  Write about it and let the memories emerge, capture them today in your writing!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy