Life gives us many opportunities to choose the path we want to take.  Think of the people who are your closest friends or of the neighborhood you live in.  We all have the freedom to make the decisions that have an impact on our lives.  We have the freedom to choose so many paths. 

Visualize your life path, how many u-turns have you had to make?  Or how many times do you wish you had made a u-turn instead of traveling down your path. 

I have a binder with my writings in it that are just about walking my path.  I document  the steps I take.  Sometimes on my life path I find myself walking slowly, other times I am running up ahead.  I am learning to go with the flow of the movement of my life.  As I hike my path I am grateful that I am on the exact right path that I need to be on right now. 

There is such a joy in ones life when you are in the flow and living your life on your path exactly where you need to be.  When I am faced with the fork in the road I know that I have the wisdom of the ages that leads me forward.  On the occasion when I need to re-evaluate and make that u-turn I manage to do it with less judgement. 

With age comes wisdom, or so I have been told!  All I know is that the path I am on right now is exactly where I want to be and I have never been more sure of that than I am right now.  I love living the life I am living!  So grateful I am on my path.

Today in your writing examine your path, if you find you are not going the way you want to go just gracefully make a u-turn!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy