These shoes have taken me to many wonderful places.  Now that I live in the desert I tend to wear flip flops and only shoes when I absolutely have to.  This picture of my shoe reminds me of all the paths I have travelled. 

Sometimes my path has been on the sandy shore and I have been able to breathe in the salty air and watch the seagulls hovering above.  Other times my path has been a rocky one where I have had to struggle each step of the way. 

Each day we get to decide the path we want to take.  As the path unfolds during the day do we accept it or try to fight against it.  As I look back upon my path I see many detours that I probably should have taken.  Sometimes from my own stubborness I have resolved to stay on a path when I should have turned back.  But I always come to the same conclusion…what would I be like without those experiences?  Would I be the same person if I hadn’t gone through that heartache or that loss?  Absolutely not.  It has been those tough paths that have made me appreciate every thing I have today.

Today in your journal examine your paths.  What path are you on today?  Do you need to continue on this same path or do you need to make a detour?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy