Life is such an amazing journey.  As I examine and write about all the twists and turns of my journey it brings my life into perspective.  As you write about your life journey an interesting aspect is to write about your views on religion and how it has changed (or not changed) throughout your lifetime. 

How has religion played a part in your life?  How has your view of religion evolved?  As a young girl I can remember waiting out on the corner for the Sunday School bus from our local church to come and pick me up.  I have always had a deep longing for spirituality in my life, although at different times it has had different face.

Last year I started studying Judaism and this year I have made a commitment to learn all that I can.  By enrolling in Hebrew classes and attending Shabbat services have all been apart of my journey.  Embracing the traditions feels good to me. 

Explore on paper your journey in the world of religion.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy