We live in a society where we want everything quick, fast, now! I will never forget when we got our first microwave.  All of a sudden you could make scrambled eggs in a minute.  No more waiting for the frying pan to heat up, just whip up the egg and presto!

Much my life I spent wanting it to speed up.  When I was nine I couldn’t wait to turn ten!  I thought double digits would transform me, but nope…it didn’t happen.

I found myself looking forward when I was a teenager to get to college, then couldn’t wait to be in my twenties…and so on and so on. 

Now at the age of 47 I find myself looking forward to turning 50…

I want to remember to live each moment and enjoy it while it is happening.  Instead of me looking forward I need to focus on the present moment.  I need to appreciate the here and now.  I need to appreciate those who are in front of me at this very moment. 

I need to be patient for those things I don’t have yet and know that when they come my way it was exactly what I was wanting!

Today reflect on what are you waiting for?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy