Yesterday I sat my water mug down on the ground and when I returned there was Courtney with her nose buried deep in the mug.  If you look carefully you can see her nose down in there…there was barely any water left, but she stretched her tongue way to the bottom to get the last drops.  As I watched her try harder and harder to get her whole face in the mug it made me think about the things I have “thirsted” for. 

Like most things I tend to bring all thoughts back to writing and thought about those times I have really thirsted to want to write my story.  A thirst is a desire to write and write.  If you are writing your memoir you may come to those writing times when you have a true thirst and a desire to write those stories.  If you are truly thirsting to get your story written what is stopping you from completing your task? 

With my writing I want to be diligent as my dog Courtney was in getting each and every drop.  It wasn’t easy reaching way down deep to stretch to get that last little lick.  As so it is with writing.  Sometimes it is not easy stretching and digging down deep into our memories to get those little drops of memory.  But once you do, it is so worth it!

Dive deep into those memories, quench your thirst with the knowledge of knowing you will be a better person once you have reached down deep and discovered who you really are!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy