I have taught hundreds of women during my time here in the desert, but none has moved me as the firecracker of a woman named Melitas.  I met her when she was 91 and loved her from the moment I saw her.  We had a special relationship of teacher student although many times the roles changed and she was the teacher and I was the student.  From there we became friends, great friends.

At age 93 she began blogging for me and soon, she was blogging every Monday and it became Monday with Melitas.

2 years ago I moved to Baja and I promised her that in reality I would probably see her more living out of the country than I did living here, and that was true.  For the first year we skyped when I was away and during the several times a year I came to the desert I stayed with her and the “warden” at Casa Agave.

I am so grateful that I arrived and was able to spend her last 9 days on the earth with her.  There is something so pure about being able to share those times with someone as they know they are leaving soon.  We watched her last Laker’s game together while laying in her bed side by side.

I promised I would work hard and make her proud….

God speed Melitas, you are now ready for your “beeg” vacation…book signing 1b

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy