Growing up I had my faithful companion Sam.  He was a little black poodle.  Although Sam was considered the family dog, I always think he liked me best.  It was Sam that was the first real thing that I ever really remember loving and the first thing that I was ever heart broken over when he was no longer a part of our family.  When my dad would pick us up on the weekends for our weekend visits Sam would run out of the house so fast when he saw my dad’s car.  Sam would never jump on my dad, but just jump straight up in the air just as though he were on springs.  On cold mornings Sam and I would lay by the heater together until we both got too hot and we had to move.  I feel kind of sorry for people who have never experienced the love of a pet.  My own dog Courtney seems to remind me a lot of Sam.  Even now I can still be brought to tears thinking about when he left us.  There is something that is so pure and irresistable about a faithful pet, whatever pet you choose it to be.  I always think one can learn alot from pets, they love us unconditionally.  When I am home Courtney is never far from my side, always ready to be near me.

Today in your writing did you have a special companion when you were a child?  Tell about your experience.  I know the day will come when I will have to lose Courtney and I can’t even imagine what that would be like.  I always feel such a deep sadness when I hear from some of my students when they lose a pet.  They become such a wonderful part of our families.  I am grateful that I had Sam to love on as a kid, and now I am grateful that I have Courtney as my constant companion!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy