Vulnerability…a big word that packs a lot of punch.  What makes you feel vulnerable?  I know that as a writer each time you put your words on paper you become vulnerable.  What will others think about my words?  Will they understand or judge me?  Being vulnerable is really a gift you give yourself and others when you are being authentic and you trust yourself.  We all feel vulnerable at times.  When my students come into my class for the first time I am sure they feel vulnerable or when they share a piece of their lives with the rest of the class, they feel vulnerable.  One of my goals in this lifetime is to be more vulnerable.  The dictionary definition of vulnerable is capable or susceptible of being wounded or criticized.  I want to be so authentic that others will see me and KNOW me. The other piece of this that works for me is that I want to be surrounded by other truly authentic people that to be truly open and vulnerable is a gift.  I love attracting like minded people into my life!

Today in your writing what are some areas that you want to explore and be open and vulnerable about in your life?  It isn’t easy, but worth it!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy