I love what I teach.  I love watching the woman share with each other their own amazing journeys.  I try to teach my students to get to the heart of the story.  What was the lesson they learned in that heartache?  How did that challenge make them more of who they are today?  Many times as writers we get close to the truth of the heart of the story, but sometimes it gets too hard to get close. 

Writing, real writing, takes strength and courage.  It is not easy to look closely at our path and write about it. 

As the month of January is coming to a close, I was looking forward to 2012.  And now, the first month is nearly over!  I was so happy to close the chapter of 2011.  It was a cleansing year of getting rid of so many things.  As Julia Cameron calls the “crazymakers” in our lives, I had several that I   had to cleanse myself of. 

And with 2012 beginning I am looking forward to bigger and better things.  2012 has already been such a tremendous year for me with so many great opportunities that are presenting themselves to me!

So when you get to those stories that are hard to write, take a step back and see the beauty in the story.  Look at how those challenges have made you the beautiful person you are today!!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy