I love listening to music and especially finding new music that I haven’t heard before.  When I was in Seattle I had the privilege of having dinner with a great guy and his wife whom are both musicians.  He gave me his groups CD and I have been loving listening to it.  With the beauty of facebook I have had the privilege of hearing what my friends are listening to and that is how I found this next song. 

First of all, I love the title, because as a writer words are important to me.  Unstoppable is a powerful word.  What causes you to remain unstoppable?  What is it inside you that allows you to move through life gracefully and graciously?  Especially when you are in those times where you may feel stuck.  How do you get unstuck?  Not only are the words amazing and beautiful in this song, but what I really, really loved is the music video.  If you would like to see it just go to my channel on youtube.com and click on mstammy64 and check out my favorites.  The beautiful pictures of all those couples in love struck me with their beauty and Keaton Simon’s voice is gorgeous. 

So today in your life, what causes you to be unstoppable and if there were times in your life where you did “stop”…what caused you to get back on track?  This is a great thing to think about today in your journal.  Examination is always a good thing!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy