I am not really much of a sweet eater, but if you haven’t tried these new ice cream sandwiches from Sweet Bites Creamery, you are really missing out.  Tricia, is the owner and chef of these amazing little ice cream sandwiches.  I predict they will be at some of the finest restaurants in town very shortly.  I will have to get Tricia to post the flavors and if you want to order some for a dinner party send me an email and I will forward it to her.  Courtney loves them, she gives them 4 paws up.


Ok, how else can you treat yourself in life?  What can you do this week that will feel good to you?  I was trying to think of something to do for myself when I realized something that I love to do, but haven’t had much time to do lately…read!  I love to read a good book, but I really love to read a great book! 

After I discovered the memoir Blackbird by Jennifer Lauck I wanted to read her latest memoir called Found.  Rarely do I find a book that I just can’t put down.  But twice now, both with Jennifer’s books I found myself so moved and touched by her story that I read it in one sitting.  It was so wonderful to wake up the other morning (around 3 am, believe it or not!) and I began to read her book.  I completed the book by 7 am and  then took care of Courtney.

The next thing I did for myself was take a run. I decided to run the City Bike Loop in Palm Springs.  It took me up some great hills and past some beautiful houses and even though I didn’t do the entire city loop I managed to run a little over 10 miles that morning.

Then, I went to teach one of my memoir workshops at Inter Valley Health Plan in La Quinta.  My whole day felt so wonderful as I felt as though I was spoiling myself.

So think about what you can do for YOU today…do it!  You deserve it!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy