As I am writing this blog my dear friend and student, Jane Harris is fighting for her life.  The last I heard is that she is in ICU at Eisenhower Hospital and her body is shutting down.  As I have been hearing bits and pieces I knew she hadn’t been feeling well but to hear this is devastating.  Last night I lay awake all night thinking about her and the wonderful stories I heard her read to me each week while she was in my class.  I learned all about her life growing up in Southern California, how life was perfect and then her older brother got into a car accident and then the next year was spent focused on him getting better.  I learned how she used to make milk shakes as a young girl and she loved the weekends when her parents would barbeque hamburgers.  I learned how she worked for the airlines and due to a missing piece of luggage she met her husband Bob.  I remember her telling me about his three boys coming to live with them just after she had her baby daughter.  I learned of how hard it was to have an instant family and they would go on camping trips.  She gave of her self so selflessly.  I learned all about her daughter Debbie and how her and Bob cried all the way home when they had to drop her off at college.  I learned about how she wanted to give Bob a perfect gift for him one Christmas and she found a dude ranch where he went away for a week and rode horses. She loved God very deeply, but never preached to you…but you knew she prayed for you.  I remember the first time I met her that I said, your eyes are the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.  I loved having Jane in my class, she shared her heart each week and I am so blessed I was the one who helped guide her in writing down her stories.  I do believe in miracles and I am praying for one right now…Jane is a true angel.  She was kind, gentle, funny, generous.  It felt good just to be in her presence.  So Jane…hold on if you can…we all love you here.  But if you need to go, please know that I am forever changed because you came into my life.  I love you and always will…jane

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy