I love this picture of my youngest son, Kevin with Courtney.  I captured this moment on a recent visit when I was driving back from San Francisco.  Courtney has always loved her siblings, but it was Kevin that she first met.  I still remember that she cried when he put her down and she didn’t want him to go.  If you look closely at Courtney’s face I think you can see her smile.  Even though she is now blind I do know that she always remembers when she gets to “see” her siblings.

One of my favorite Courtney stories was after she had surgery when she was little.  I went to go see her in the hospital.  She lay there silently, but when Kevin came in to see her she really started carrying on and crying like she was in a lot of pain.  Poor Kevin started to cry because he felt so bad for her.


I remember my first dog, Sam.  There is nothing like that bond you have with your family pet.  A great thing to write about is your relationship through the years with pets.  photo (65)

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