Melitas always jokes that her “caretaker” is her warden.  This photo was taken over a year ago at the Girlfriend Factor Golf Tournament.  I met Alba a few months after I started teaching Melitas. 

Alba is probably one of the hardest working women I have ever met.  She is constantly working out in the yard and around the house.  She keeps Melitas going and Melitas even whispered to me last night that she wouldn’t know what she would do without Alba.  (Remember that Alba when she starts getting crabby!)

Taking care of Melitas is a full time job, how do I know you may ask?  Well, while waiting for my place to be ready for me to move in I have had the privilege of staying with the Warden and Melitas for the past two weeks. If you will remember from an earlier post I stated how hard can it be to help take care of Melitas??

HARD!!  Melitas (at age 93) still does all the laundry (you should see her fold a fitted sheet, coming to my youtube channel soon!)  Last night while she was watching golf or fiddling around on the computer I scooted out to the laundry room and put my clothes into the washer.  Then when she was eating her dinner I put the wet clothes into the dryer.  I was almost done with the dryer when Melitas (who never misses a beat) announces don’t you think your clothes are dry enough?  Drats!  I quickly went out to the laundry room to fold my clothes before Melitas came out, but no….too late!  Her first comment was you put those colors together?  Then she went into a monologue about when she owned a fluff and fold and how she learned how to do laundry.   Then she almost let out a shriek when she saw how I folded my golf shorts.  She quickly showed me the “proper” way to fold a pair of shorts. 

When Alba announced that last night was my last night at “Casa Agave” (the name they have named their home…hint…agave makes tequila!).  I think I saw a tear come to her eye as she said NO!!!  Now Melitas wants to build an addition to their house for me and Courtney.   But all good things come to an end and the good news is that I am moving only about 4 miles from the Warden and Melitas.

I thought it would be easy to train to be the “warden”, but after two weeks of being a deputy I realize that it takes a special person to be a warden, especially to a Melitas.  So to the woman who always wears hats, hats off to you.  Melitas would not be the same without you and neither would I.  I have loved every minute I spent with you since I have met you. 

Thanks for taking such good care of our Melitas!

we both love Melitas!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy