Last night I was taking my dog Courtney for a walk.  This night I was also walking her little friend a chihuhua.  As we were heading home a dog on a porch without a leash jumped down towards the little dog.  Courtney jumped over to block the dog which resulted in a terrible fight.  I started screaming and tried to get the dog off Courtney.  Courtney was crying so hard that I just knew she was hurt.  Finally the other dogs owner came out and took his dog inside all I wanted to do was get my dog inside to check for injuries.  By the time we made it inside both dogs were scared and crying.  As I examined Courtney I could see she had at least one puncture in the neck. 

I rushed her to the animal hospital praying the whole time.  The vet examined her and told me she looked like she was going into shock and wanted me to hold her and talk to her.  The vet shaved her neck and we could see that she did have two puncture marks under her neck.  The vet said we were lucky because I walked her with a harness and that probably helped save her. 

She is home resting now with antibiotics and pain meds.  I held her all night long and for those of you who know me personally know that Courtney means the world to me. 

I know that if the other dog (a bull terrier with only one eye-probably had been in another fight somewhere) had gotten my friends dog, it would have killed her. 

The thought of losing my dog last night really brought me to my knees.  Today in your writing practice write about a time when you were brought to your knees.  Whether you almost lost a loved one or a 4 legged friend tell the story in the privacy of your journal.  If your loved one passed, how did you handle those first few moments, days, weeks and months? What gave you the courage and strength to move forward?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy