Any one who has been around 2 year olds very often know very well this simple word: Why…

I think 2 year olds are so full of curiosity and wonder.  It is at this age they want to know everything.

I have been enjoying a short visit with my oldest son, Kent and his fiancee MaryAnn.  Kent has moved to Minnesota last July and is attending Law school there.  Nobody knew the question why better than Kent.  As a little 2 year old he often asked the question why.

By the time Kent was 4 he was reading fluently and would often find the answers himself to the questions that he had in his mind.  Kent used to scour the encyclopedia and would often spend hours sharing what he had learned that day.

I can remember hearing a conversation between Kent and his cousin Tiffany one day.  Kent was probably around age 5 and Tiffany was 6.  Tiffany was talking about a bear and Kent went on to tell her that a bear was a carnivore and he went on to tell her all about which animals were carnivores and what the definition of a carnivore was.

Now as I look at him at the age of 27, he hasn’t changed much.  He is still questioning and wondering all about the world.

I hope he always keeps that wonder of wanting to learn and know.

Turning the subject to writing, why do  you write?  Terry Tempest Williams wrote:

“I write to discover.  I write to uncover.  I write to meet my ghosts…I write because it is dangerous, a bloody risk, like love, to form the words…I write as though I am whispering in the ear of the one I love.

Examine why you write…Tammy1-150x150

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