This afternoon I get to teach a 6th grade writing lesson for one of my former colleagues.  I am teaching a unit on persuasive writing.  It has now been several years since I taught in the elementary school, but getting back to teaching a lesson is exciting for me!  As I planned my lesson I realize how much of our life is dictated by being persuaded by others.  From the bombarding television commercials urging us to buy our products or the billboards we pass on the street luring us to try their brand.  But the real power of persuasion is always there.  What is there in your life right now that is persuading you to try this or try that?  Maybe it is a new restaurant, or a new workshop.  A great thing to write about today would be for you to look back through your life and see how the power of persuasion has worked in your life.  Where have you been persuaded and where in your life have you been the persuader to others.  Spend some time reflecting on this concept and write about it.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy