As I have spent this past week teaching and getting inspired by the writings of my students, both male and female, one of the topics came up about our life decisions.  We discussed the importance of when to say “yes” and also when to say “no” to things that come into our lives.  I am so grateful that I said “yes” to this trip to Cancun.

Many times in our lives we can get so busy and focus only inward, but it is so great to say “yes” and experience new things.  Life is all about our experiences and in turn sharing it with those we love.  I can spend hours by myself writing and working on upcoming workshops and be very content.

Today reflect on areas in your life where you said “yes” to something that was a great and meaningful surprise.  Where have there been times when you said “no” that later on you wish you had said “yes.”  And as a last thought …think about the times you should have said NO Way Jose!!

Have a beautiful weekend…
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