I was sad when I heard of the passing of former first lady Betty Ford.  I have always admired this woman for so many things.  From what I have heard and read about her she was a real person.  Real in the sense that she was authentic and genuine.  Her funeral was attended by a former president and four former first ladies.  Betty Ford was a true feminist, she brought women’s issues into the mainstream.   I really love the quote by her son, Michael Ford that says: “We know of Mom’s love for others, whether a friend in need or a patient at the Betty Ford Center, Mom extended herself freely.  She lived (life) to its full, leaving no regrets, only hope and joy.”  What a beautiful thing to say, leaving no regrets.  Living here in beautiful Palm Desert you can see the signs of the Ford family all over our valley.  From Gerald Ford Drive to the Gerald Ford Boys and Girls Club.  Mrs. Ford loved our beautiful desert and it was a privilege to be here and to witness the genuine outpouring of so many people that loved her.  I had the opportunity to watch the motorcades leave with the former first ladies and all the secret service and I also had the honor to attend the public repose on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday morning as I was driving home from yoga all along hwy 74 many men, women and children were on the route waving flags and saluting this wonderful woman.  Thank you Betty Ford for being a truly inspirational woman to so many of us.  Thank you for choosing to live out your last years in our beautiful desert.  You will be missed.

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