A few weeks ago I had such a great time in Washington visiting with my step-brother Daniel and April and his sister Chrissy and his mom Lee.  Lee was married to my dad for nearly 20 years.  We reconnected for the first time since our father’s passing last March.  Having this time together was such a special part of my summer.  Even though he is not my brother by blood, we are connected in a deep way.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a few days with them. 

Last Sunday I had the best time meeting two very handsome boys.  My brother met me and 3 of my kids for breakfast.  He is now back living in San Jose from Minnesota.  His sons Noah and Aiden are not only cute, but so sweet.  I was so proud of my brother and sister in law for the way they are raising their sons. 

Even though Terry and I haven’t been close in a number of years, the passing of our father brought us together.  I am grateful that we have our memories from childhood that we can laugh and share with each other.  So even though my sister is my very best friend, there is something special about having a brother!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy