This morning I just completed the Palm Springs Half Marathon.  The weather conditions were gorgeous and I was ready!  This was my 2nd half marathon, I ran with my daughter in Arizona a month ago. 

A few days before this race I tweeked my back so I wasn’t sure how I was going to do time-wise today.  Last month I finished in 2:51 minutes, today I beat my time by 16 minutes finishing at 2:35 minutes! 

I owe my new love for running to Alba, my coach.  She is right here with me to the right.  It was Alba that encouraged me to try running since she used to be a marathon runner when she was younger. 

I shared before that I have never been much of a runner and when I began training last August, I could barely run a mile and I hated it with each step I ran.  I finally found myself running 3 miles non-stop, and now when I go out for a short run, I rarely do under 5 miles.  With Alba’s inspiration I have found myself hooked on running.  My next goal that I am setting for myself is that I would like to run a few more half marathons this year and next year be ready for the LA Marathon…26 miles baby!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy