These pics were taken this weekend with some of my girlfriends.  Each day I surround myself with friends that I love and those who love me. 

Tricia (in the blue wig) is our newest friend.  She just moved here from Washington D.C. and she is a great reminder that when I think I have filled up my friendship quota I get reminded of how wonderful it is to welcome new friends into my fold.  My connection with my friends is deep and strong.  I have looked high and low and I don’t think I could have assembled better friends than the friends who are a part of my life today.  So if you are one of my friends, and I didn’t post your picture…no problem because if you hang with me, sooner or later, you too will be on my blog or my facebook page.  These were just pictures that I took from just Saturday and Sunday.

Today in your writing think of all your friends in your life and why not send one of them a letter or give them a phone call.  Let them know how much they mean to you!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy