I just finished reading the book Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.  I really enjoyed the book for a variety of reasons.  One of my favorite parts of the book came in the last two paragraphs.  Let me copy down what it says: “For every thing that’s been said and done, she is my sister.  Parents die, daughters grow up and marry out,  but sisters are for life.  She is the only person left in the world who shares my memories of our childhood, our parents, our Shanghai, our struggles, our sorrows, and, yes, even our moments of happiness and triumph.  My sister is the one person who truly knows me, as I know her.  The last thing May says to me is “When our hair is white, we’ll still have our sister love.”

I was touched by these words, I feel exactly the same way about my sister, Sandy.  We have a bond that will never be broken.  I know that I can tell her my secrets and they will remain with her until the day we die.  We are sisters and will always remain the best of friends until the day we die.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy