Time is a beautiful thing.  If you have been journaling for awhile you have the joy of looking through your pages and seeing your life move forward.  I recently read an entry that I had written several months ago.  I was surprised at what I had written and was so grateful that I had the opportunity to visit these pages.  I love that if we choose, we can document our feelings and then go back months later and revisit them.  Or we can choose to just write it and release it.  One of my favorite hikes has a huge boulder that is up on the top of the mountain.  The boulder is split in two and I have on several occasions written out a prayer or a wish and placed it inside this boulder.  I call this hike my releasing hike.  Due to the heat of the summer I have not been up on that mountain, but I am looking forward to cooler weather coming so I can once again go up with my piece of paper and place it there and let whatever is bothering me go.

Spend some time looking at your life… what were you doing 5 years ago?  5 months ago? What do you want to see yourself doing 5 years from now?  It is so much fun to write down your dreams and watch them come true.  I am so looking forward to these next few months as I am a butterfly coming forth from my cocoon.  I know that the best years are ahead for me.  In my business as well as in my personal and family life. 

Time is a beautiful thing!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy