I thought I would wait until this morning to write my blog for today since today might be the end of the world.  There has been a lot of talk about the date today with the Mayan calendar saying today is the last day.  On Facebook people are all checking in…are you still breathing?  Actually it is not that bad, but I think it has worried some people!

I guess I shouldn’t say too much, as today doesn’t officially end until midnight.  But these are my thoughts I would say if I knew that today was my last day:

I would spend today doing exactly what I have planned…start the morning with morning snuggles with Courtney, which is exactly what we are doing now as I type this blog. I would not spend one more thought on people who have wandered in and out of my life and who are now on the “out” of my life.  I would release those negative thinking patterns that make me second guess myself.  I would marvel at the beauty of our world, since I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world with the mountains surrounding me.  I would do my normal contemplating but this time would look at my ending of my life.  As the picture states with the typewriter: Storybook Endings.  Would I consider my life to have a storybook ending?  What is a storybook ending?    When I think of Storybook Ending I think of the movie Pretty Woman where Julia Robert’s character at the end of the movie gets swept away by Richard Gere as he carefully climbs up the fire escape to carry her away.  I have seen that move probably 20 times and each time it makes me tear up.

So if today was my storybook ending I would want to live my life exactly as I am doing now…releasing those things that no longer serve me and focusing on the power of creating a brighter future for myself and all those who are in my life.

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