Memoir Writing Coach Testimonials for Tammy L. Coia

I had been isolating and following the Southern California protocols since March 2020. COVID 19 had changed life. It made no sense then that in November 2020, I said YES to myself and Tammy by signing up for her Five-day private retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. I knew though that I needed to listen to that voice deep inside me saying- go, you need to go. I knew I needed to go- I was emotionally, physically and Spiritually depleted, my Heart heavy.


From the moment Tammy picked me up at the airport … it was so easy, the conversation, the way she made me feel welcome, safe. Then a home cooked dinner and a long peaceful night’s sleep.

We spent the next days, me sharing my stories and Tammy listening unconditionally and suggesting prompts that encouraged me to go deeper. I wrote and wrote- gaining clarity as I discovered and understood the complexities of my life. Tammy supported my process. She embraced ‘me being me’.

In Five days… I was transformed. I left with a lightness (of being). Not the same person I was when I arrived. It’s been almost a month now… and my transformation and lightness continue to evolve. They show in my writing and in the way I live my life. Thank you Tammy, I am grateful.

Tina B Wein
Five Day Private Retreat
Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia
November 11-15, 2020

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Jay Etchells Testimonial

 I so enjoyed my time with Tammy, The memoir Coach, on my 3-day Personal Writing Retreat. She is so easy to talk to and I found myself very comfortable sharing my story with her. Tammy had food prepared and meals planned based on my likes and made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. We even had my favorite tea while chatting about my books first chapter. One night we went out for a great meal and good conversation watching sunset over the bay. Walks in the afternoon around her pretty neighborhood helped clear my head and I got some great photos of the ocean, flowers, snow capped mountains, and even a bald eagle.

Tammy’s excllent questions helped me to focus on what was important to the book I’m writing and led to insights as to how best to structure it. I had the middle of the story but couldn’t quite figure out where to start it and end it. Just from our discussions and Tammy’s insightful edits and comments on my first draft, I already feel I made progress. After just a few concentrated days with Tammy, I now feel more confident with the way forward for this book. I am joining her workshop in Italy next and very much look forward to it.

Jay Etchells
San Diego, California

From the minute Tammy Coia greeted me at the airport with a hug I felt at ease and knew I had made the right decision. I was heading for a five day private retreat with a stranger so naturally I was nervous. I had reached a stumbling block with my writing and was looking for help. I could not have found a better coach!

Tammy’s style of coaching was kind, productive and extremely helpful. We had talked over the phone prior to the retreat and I had sent her my manuscript so she was familiar with my shortcomings. I needed to learn how to “show” as opposed to “tell” so our sessions were geared towards teaching me those aspects of writing. Our first day and each subsequent day started with short instructions on the topics I needed help with and then we would get down to the writing. I would write and Tammy would assist whenever I had a question. She made me feel so at ease that I had no problems writing with her working across the table from me. After each chapter I would read it out loud to her and sometimes she would read it to me. I learned how important reading out loud was to get a better sense of the flow.

Tammy’s comments were always thoughtful and spot on. With small changes I saw my manuscript transformed. She taught me how to make smoother transitions and improve the dialogue. The most valuable aspect of Tammy’s coaching for me was that she didn’t try to impose her style. She let me keep my voice, which was important to me. We even came up with a format that would allow me to express my voice even further. I felt like I had achieved more writing under Tammy’s guidance for those five days than writing on my own for months. It was also fun, which I had not expected.

Not only was Tammy an excellent coach but she was also very hospitable. She made breakfasts and lunches for me, always making sure that all of my needs were met. We went out for dinners (to fabulous restaurants) which gave us the opportunity to relax and get to know each other. We had a lot of fun and by the end of my stay I felt like we were old friends. I could not be more grateful for this wonderful experience. I only wish I had done it sooner. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tammy to anyone needing help with writing their memoir. I am looking forward to more retreats with Tammy in the future.

Anna Resich
Honolulu, Hawaii

Anna Resich Testimonial
Marianne C. Bohr Gap Year Girl

What a gift to be part of your Ethical Will workshop for an entire day! You got us “to go deep” — tears, laughter and all — as we wrestled with writing about things that are most important to us for those we love most. I find myself thinking about our heartfelt discussions days after the workshop. I’ve already started writing my will and am taking such pleasure in its creation.

Marianne C. Bohr

I have enjoyed this retreat very much and feel like I have benefited from all you have offered. I’ve especially gratefully found a way forward in my project and I’m grateful to you for that. Your observations that you shared have led me down fruitful paths. I’ve enjoyed listening to your work, your words flow with compassion and love.

Park City, UT

You were the best writing teacher ever – challenging, encouraging, open and compassionate. This retreat exceeded my expectations and was life changing!

La Quinta, CA

What a woman warrior you are! I knew you as a teacher, but here you are also mother, sister, mentor, coach, therapist and yes, learner! Thank you for introducing me to vulnerability and grace. I will be peeling back the layers of this special week for a long time.

La Quinta, CA

Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

Tammy Coia and Pups

You are an incredibly special human being Tammy, with an enormous and unique talent to gather beautiful souls, to guide and to mentor. You have a genius ability to tell powerful, descriptive and emotionally charged stories which teach us all so much about how to navigate our life. I will remember you for your gigantic heart and all the love that you magically sprinkle on all who are lucky enough to cross your path.

With love, admiration and gratitude!,
Vancouver, BC

Tammy, I will remember you for “being” your essence. I am in awe of your big heart, your vulnerability, your childlike spirit and trust in the flow of life. I value what you have taught us and who you are impacted me the most. I will remember how you demonstrated ease, fun and authenticity when living your purpose. Your courage and commitment to share your truth and gifts with the world is an inspiration to me.

Ottawa, Ontario

Tammy, this retreat was perfect on so many levels. Wonderful companions, deep writing and helpful lessons and of course the grand dame Corfu, with it’s beauty, food and mystery. Thank you for sharing this special place and your generous, nurturing self. There is no better gift. With deep gratitude,

Seattle, WA

Tammy, You have sown seeds in my soul to both help me write my story and embrace the heartfelt tragedies in a healing way. I have received affirmations for my past from your teachings. Encouragement came to me from every turn. I am returning back to Boulder excited to get all of me on paper. I will remember the beautiful talented person you are, always kind and respectful, enthusiastic for all the stories we shared. You gave us all an incredible gift, thank you!

Boulder, CO

Image of Tammy Coia Retreat Leader

Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

Tammy, dear Tammy…

This week has been invaluable!  Not only have you revitalized me and reignited that desire to write, write, write!, I’ve gained volumes of resource information about the craft.  The daily prompts have been a tremendous confidence builder, and a wonderful way to explore what a treasure writing can be.

I believe the retreat brought each of closer as writing companions, gave us all amazing inspiration, and sent us home willing to be more vulnerable as we share our stories.
I’m so grateful you have the love, the openness of heart, and the desire to use your gift
for teaching in such a beautiful way.

With loads of affection,
Marcia (Juno, Alaska)

Good morning,

Yesterday will stay with me for a very long time. It so far exceeded my expectations, which were already high, and the talent in that room blew ME away! Your facilitation style is perfect. I love the way you guide rather than lead, and your explanation of how to create and trim a scene and “kill your darlings” is more helpful to me than anything I have ever read about the craft of writing.

You attract very talented, smart, kind people. As group members revealed how long they had worked with you, I was wondering if I had joined a cult, but I now understand their enthusiasm and dedication, and can’t wait for February!

I am grateful beyond words for your gift, and hope, with your help and the support of the group, to continue to refine my voice.

You’re a blessing, and I almost never use that word 🙂
Love and safe travels,


I wanted to thank you personally for a wonderful class and what really amounted to a cathartic experience for myself. I was able to tap into a wealth of emotions  that have been bubbling up due to my current circumstances. Rather than become overwhelmed or suppress these emotions I found myself dealing with them in a very healthy manner. I doubt I would have been able to process these feelings without writing them down and sharing them in your workshop. I applaud you for your work, the humility you bring to teaching. You truly are a coach–but not one of those ego-driven “my way or the highway” types–you bring out the best from your team of writers with subtle and personal attention.

The proof is in the pudding; your “class” (double entendre intended;) blew me away. I have not been working at writing prose for quite some time, and I felt myself straining to get my thoughts down. Despite my educational background, I felt I was playing catch-up to the level of writing that was shared in the class. The compassion, honesty, and ability of Pedro and the ladies really challenged me in a way I did not expect. They were all uniformly outstanding and unique in each of their individual approaches to the craft of storytelling; I heard distinct writing voices in all the material presented. It is not difficult to see such development as anything but a reflection of how those individuals have been coached. Kudos!

And thanks once again Tammy for providing an oasis that has given me a boost of vitality as I tread forward taking each day as it comes.

All the best,
Pete (Palm Springs, California)

Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

Hi Tammy,
The workshop was great. I have learned more from you about plotting in a few workshops than I’d learned in a lifetime. Thank you!

Diane (La Quinta, Ca)

The more I learn about your life, the more I am in awe of you. I wonder if you even realize the significance of the magic you bring when we gather with you to write and share.

At this rather difficult time in my life, having our times to write with your encouragement has been so reassuring.

Thank you for bringing your special love and caring. It means more than you know.

Marlene (La Quinta, Ca)

Tammy’s writing retreat in Corfu (2017) was by far the best writing retreat I have ever experienced.

The setting was a fantasy — the view spectacular, the villa we stayed in was divine, the rooms roomy and the facilities modern. The view of the Ionian Sea was breathtaking, and it was only an 18 minute walk to the edge of the water. Elena, our host, was gracious, warm, and fun. She anticipated our needs before we even did. She went far above and beyond, even introducing us to her friends and family and organizing dinners, trips to a vineyard and an olive grove, and other unexpected and wonderful outings. I felt that I truly got a taste of the real Corfu because of her. She even arranged for her friends (in full costume) to perform and teach us the traditional Greek dances, which included breaking plates and shouting out “Opa!” I don’t remember when I had so much fun.

The writing sessions were relaxed, unpressured, and productive. The lessons and prompts were appropriate and useful. Tammy is a gentle and knowledgeable leader and teacher, and we writers quickly became friends and were all helpful to one another. I am so grateful that I went on this retreat, and the beautiful memories will last a lifetime. I highly recommend any retreat that Tammy is leading, even if it is not in Greece.

Erika Tremper
Hillsborough, New Jersey

I attended my first writing class approximately four years ago. The coach was Tammy Coia and continues to be my writing coach. Because of Tammy I know I will reach my goal… write my memoirs. Tammy is a fabulous coach. The theme of each class is reflected in her well-prepared handouts. She is extremely compassionate towards off of the members in the group.

Consequently, everyone feels her compassion and enables others to feel comfortable and sincere in their writings.

I feel very fortunate to be one of many people who know Tammy professionally and personally. When I feel discouraged about my writings, I think of Tammy and see and feel her wonderful smile telling me I can do it.

Holly Whitlow
Rancho Mirage, CA

Tammy Coia has given me the courage to pursue my dream of writing a book. She saw in me what I didn’t’ see; that I could write. Because of her faith, direction and encouragement, I’m actually going to publish my book. There were times in the past 2 years of working together, that I was discouraged. I would say to myself, “Whom am I fooling, I can’t write”. Tammy wasn’t hearing any of my self-pity talk. She would get me right back on track. She believed in me more than I did. I see now that I can write. Because of Tammy I was able to make my dream come true. Thank you Tammy. You have been life changing.

Much love and respect,
Veronica (Maui, Hawaii)

Tammy is a gifted teacher/coach and is working with me on my memoir cookbook.

I met Tammy when I took her weekend workshop in Palm Desert, California and had a wonderful experience working among so many talented women writers. She held space for everyone and has a unique teaching style. The worksheets she puts together are excellent and  good to use as a reference in future writing projects.. Tammy in our private sessions instilled some effective ideas to help me keep my focus and I feel blessed to have her as a coach.

Louise Lowry  (Palm Springs, CA)

Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

Tammy Coia Portrait of The Author

For the past 8 years Tammy Coia and her TLC Workshops, Retreats, and On-Line Writing Groups have given me an opportunity to hone my skills and practice my craft of writing a variety of genre.  Memoir is often the focus; however, my responses may be prose or poetry.  Her mentorship, while providing one-on-one consultation, gives me additional personal insight and encouragement.

Jo Anne M Gill  (Palm Springs, CA)

Though there were many, I’ll share two treasured facts I learned from Tammy:

words are powerful

everyone has a story to tell

I learned these concepts some eight years ago, and they remain constant.

Having had no idea of ever writing, I wanted to share my story with my girls (2 daughters, 1 grand daughter).  I think you know the rest of the story…I signed on for Memoir writing with Tammy, and continue to this day.

She has been beside me all through these years…teacher, coach, friend.  And I’m just one of several hundred!  It’s easy to describe Tammy.  She wants the very best for every student in her class, in her workshop, on her trips.  She is non-judgmental, and critiques in an intelligent, motivational and supportive manner.  She is there for you to help you tell your story.  She loves her craft, I love this woman.

Sandra Donohue  (Palm Springs, CA)

Everyone has a story and Tammy Coia,The Memoir Coach, is the right person to gently coax it out of you.

We met in 2008 and immediately clicked. She taught me to write from my soul. She helped me recall the good times, the bad times, and all the times in between when I felt I couldn’t remember a thing. She used a series of prompts, pictures, writing exercises and classroom sharing to unearth buried memories. When my small, intimate class of five women read our stories aloud, we shared our joys and our sorrows and lots of laughter. We remain best friends to this day.

After I published my memoir (thanks to Tammy), I felt compelled to write a novel based on a slice of my life. Tammy now coaches me monthly in her “Online Writing Class.” We also meet quarterly during face-to-face consultations. She offers insights into my chapters, makes valuable suggestions for improvement, and inspires me to continue writing. She confirms my belief in myself and my writing.

Tammy changed my life, I hope she changes yours.
Pat Erickson (Indio, CA)

Thank you Tammy and the retreat ladies for helping me put things into perspective. I will never be the same. I have grown from this experience. You are my mentors. Tammy read a quote that will change my life: “The light inside yourself is always there, a pilot light, to be tended, sometimes bright with the fuel of love, acceptance, and inspiration. Sometimes a low flame waiting for a little wind or change to light it up again.” Thanks, Tammy, I needed it!

Pat Patterson
Rancho Mirage, CA

Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

OMG!  I can’t believe I waited so long!  That was absolutely fabulous!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The entire experience was very enlightening.  Did I mention I love it?  When I got home, I couldn’t wait to share with my husband.   Sharing your writing with people is like trying on your bathing suit 2 months prior to swimsuit season then walking into a room full of people and told, “O.K., take off your robe.”

Can’t wait to do it again…Thank You, Tammy, for an inspiring, uplifting, and simply wonderful afternoon.

Luisa Jacques

Palm Desert, CA

Image of Tammy Coia Retreat Leader

Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

Dear Tammy,

I just received the parcel in the mail where you kindly sent my errant earring and my charging wire that I left behind, and I’m instantly transported back to Corfu. When I first signed up for your writing retreat I didn’t expect Corfu to be this magical island nor did I know how much I would love our wonderful, warm hostess, Elena. Olive Retreat is definitely a place of tranquility and quiet which you must visit if you’re seeking to write, practice yoga or meditation. Here you will find much-needed solitude and secluded villas. And if you get too lonely, there’s always the amazing Elena offering to take you sightseeing in the Old Town of Corfu or a bucolic olive farm, where no visit is complete without a glass of wine! And enough can’t be said about Tammy, who’s a consummate professional and excellent memoir coach. . .even with a glass shard stuck in her eye, she did not once waver from coaching us, guiding us and leading us in every morning and afternoon session. You’re the best, Tammy! And Corfu is a must-see place, a treasure of the Ionian Sea, a sleepy and unspoiled island of Greece. The sights, the architecture, the charm of downtown, the smells will leave you yearning for more!

Anoop Judge (author of The Rummy Club)
San Francisco, California

Dear Tammy,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for all of the help and support you have given me while I have stumbled along the path, my story, my book.  Your workshops and Loreto Bay Retreats have been so educational, inspiring and spiritual.  When I took the opportunity to start attend your writing workshops in Palm Desert 3 years, it opened up a whole new world for me, learning writing techniques and meeting creative and inspiring new friends who are supporting me to day with my book. You also guided  me to discovering the magical spirituality of  your Loreto Bay retreats.  Because I chose to take the path less taken, I not only gained an empowering Mentor, I also gained a life long friend and I am now on my way to publishing my book.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Sandy Higelin  (Mary Dolor)

I attended my very first writing retreat ever, with Tammy Coia, in Corfu,  the first week of June 2017.  It was a truly unbelievable experience. I absolutely loved every moment. Tammy is a warm, sensitive, open, encouraging and inspirational teacher and writer. I immediately felt comfortable in her presence…. Her gentle approach, along with her own willingness to share her stories supported me to share my own stories in a safe and supportive environment. Writing with other women, hearing their unique voices was truly memorable. Tammy’s extensive writing background coupled with her life experience has given her an amazing gift…. The ability to teach, listen, inspire , support and write, with perspective, openness and passion. I absolutely can not wait to write again with Tammy! I feel inspired to continue writing and telling my story. Thank you Tammy with my whole heart….

The Villa in Corfu where we stayed during the retreat was absolutely beautiful. Our host, Elana, was outstanding! She ensured that every detail was taken care of, that we did not want for anything. She arranged all of our transportation, our wonderful and many excursions and all of our incredible Greek meals…. Oh, the food! She was akin to our “Den Mother,” the absolute consummate host! Elana, herself, so warm and caring, arranged a special surprise dinner and entertainment for us on our last night at the Villa. We were able to share an evening, with Elana’s family and friends, full of laughter and dance, that I will never ever forget. I left Corfu with not only wonderful memories but with new and wonderful friends.

Kim Almond-Pike
Guelph, Ontario Canada

Until I met Tammy, I was afraid to let anyone see my writing.  She made it safe.  Through her advice, encouragement, and support, I was able to complete my first draft — I wrote more than 200 pages.

Thank you, Tammy!
Virginia Simpson

Amherst writing is a spontaneous response to a previously unknown prompt.  It’s a gut reaction that presents an opportunity to write in a variety of styles and genre, for the pure joy of writing.

Jo Anne Gill Palm Springs, Ca

Tammy Coia has provided a forum in which to share her passion with like hearts through Women’s Writing Workshops. She has created a safe and encouraging environment where we women can reveal our vulnerabilities and fully connect with our true selves. Her writing lessons are thought provoking and intertwined with practical self-esteem building exercises.

Aside from the instructional elements that Tammy imparts, she readily displays her warm personality and enthusiasm for her craft. She motivates us with positive reinforcement and she is an absolute pleasure to be around. Women’s Writing Workshops has been a wonderful experience for me on many levels and I urge any and all women who have any interest in documenting their lives to take Tammy’s class.

Aimee Mosco, La Quinta, CA.

Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

Tammy Coia and Pups

If I’m absolutely honest, I’d have to admit that I didn’t have high expectations around the value I’d receive from Tammy Coia’s Writing  Workshop for Women. My judgment had nothing to do with Tammy,  a woman I’d never met, or with the stated Workshop goals I found on  her website.

My judgment had everything to do with my fear of exposing any  part of my creative self to a group of strangers! What I discovered  about myself in Week Two of Session 1: Living a Legacy-Discovering Yourself, was a gift I will forever be grateful for in my life’s journey as  I write and create.

Tammy’s weekly topics and writing lessons initially stuck me as  benign on the surface; however, with each new thought, question or  writing lesson, I found great value in the power they had to bring forth  profound connections I’d never made and memories I’d long forgotten.

I am newly inspired and grateful for having met Tammy Coia and the  remarkable women in her Workshops who embraced each other’s  offerings with pure acceptance and support. I simply cannot wait to return to Palm Springs next winter to attend more sessions!

Terrie Ten Eyck, Minneapolis, MN

Katrina Bias’s learned her memoir lessons well from The Memoir Coach, Tammy Coia.  Katrina’s memoir, Lessons Learned, is dignified, honest, funny poignant.  I could hear Katrina’s “voice” as I read her words.  Nice job writing, Katrina!  Great job coaching, Tammy.

Pat Erickson
Author of memoir, Stifle Yourself, Edith

Thanks for your brilliant Amherst course – definitely the best I’ve taken. It’s  subtle and grows on you.  I can hide within it and write in the third person and no one knows whether it’s fact or fiction. It’s all about  feelings. We all “shared” our thoughts and were  able to comment about what we liked in the piece, what the strongest point was and what we would best remember. My fellow writers definitely inspired me and  I’ve done the best writing of my life.

Peter McCabe Palm Springs, Ca

Hi Tammy,
I hope this note finds you well.

My Palm Springs holiday is over and I’m back home in Canada once again. Your 3rd Annual Women’s Conference was the highlight of my trip to Palm Springs so I just wanted to write and say thanks so very much.

Due to your Conference, I had two very exciting days of meeting amazing women and hearing spectacular presentations. I just have to ask you HOW MANY running medals do you have? I lost count. How every inspiring your talk was. What challenges will each of us take on because of your talk – it will be fun to hear next year when we all compare notes.

Your 4th Annual Women’s Conference is certainly on my calendar to attend again next year and I do plan to bring others with me. If you have a mailing list, please put me, or keep me, on it and I’ll also check in with your site from time to time to stay updated.

All the best and thanks again – what an inspiring event and a marvelous opportunity to meet so many productive and enthusiastic writers.


Dear Tammy, Just a quick pause to tell you how I valued the two hours I spent with you to discuss my memoir….. (had you all to myself!!!) Wanted to tell you how much It meant, encouraging me to build on my thoughts of how “life’s ironies” have contributed to my success in life. Your suggestions to build on this theme throughout my story, immediately released me to do exactly that. Additionally, a piece I recently wrote concerning this and read to you because I wasn’t sure where it belonged, you cleared the air and suggested it should be the final chapter, as it reflected my concluding thoughts, a summarizing statement acknowledging the empowerment of life’s lessons. . .

Many thanks to you.
Sincerely, Joan Suter

Every month I receive a Vitamin B 12 Shot …no needle required.  This is just one of the rewards you will receive if you become part of Tammy’s On-Line Writing Club.
When Tammy first announced her plans for this new venture in 2015, I signed up thinking that it would keep me motivated.  It has provided much more than motivation.
Here are some of the rewards:

  1. Monthly Lessons…I always either learn something new or I am reminded of tips I need to follow.
  2. Mid-Month Lesson …the B12 Shot…Keeps me thinking about ways to improve.
  3. Story Submissions…Reading unique stories shared by members is like having a feast. They are always amazing to read and often stimulate memories for me or ideas I could use.
  4. Sharing my stories…I have benefited from members suggestions and am always encouraged by positive feedback. The rule is that we never go negative.
  5. Friendship…I know or have met most of the people in my group. I consider each member a friend. Writing and sharing creates a special friendship bond.
  6. Deadlines…Having a deadline does stimulate motivation. But I consider it an opportunity not a “Deadline”.

Tammy has other rewards to offer as well.  So sign up and become part of this unique writing opportunity without ever having to leave your home.


Please spread the word about my writing workshops — the best form of advertising is always from one friend to another! Feel free to share my website to friends who may want to write their memoir. Introduce them to the wonder of sharing their story…

Thank you!
Tammy L. Coia

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy