Happy last day of January!  This month I ran 20 days and logged in over 130 miles.  January was the mark of my first half marathon and my 2nd Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference.

January generally marks new beginnings for many people, starting with January 1st many make their new years resolutions.  Did you make one this year?  Are you keeping up with your plan? 

Maybe this will be the year you will begin writing your life story, or maybe 2012 will be the year you complete your book.  There are so many goals to set and accomplish.

I am currently setting my sites on the month of February where I plan to complete my second half marathon here in beautiful Palm Springs.  I am working on setting a goal of trying to run 6 half marathons in 2012 and then  aim for running my first full marathon in 2013!

I entitled this blog taking the long road because sometimes when we do take the long road we see so much more.  We can take our time and savor those experiences and memories.  As you look over your life journey, when were those times you decided to take the long road? 

With my running I tend to get very bored with running the same route, so with my handy pedometer I am not stuck running the same 5 or 10 mile course each week.  I am free to roam and explore my world.  As I take the long road in my running it gives me precious time to contemplate and meditate.

Enjoy your last day of January and get prepared for the beautiful month of February!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy