Today I had my second class in my session 1 Living a Legacy series.  What an amazing group of women, they still appeared to be glassy eyed with all the thoughts that were swirling through their heads.  It is amazing that when one begins to write their life story and think about the life they have lived it can sometimes cause unease.  Today I invited Melitas, my 93 year old student, to class today to read one of her stories and to share.  Everybody loves Melitas, she is such a treasure and a jewel.  As I sat next to her listening to her read her story I wanted to capture that moment in my memory and never let it go.  It reminded me to really cherish each moment of every day as a gift and to take none of it for granted.  I want to stay mindful.  To me that means to take no relationship for granted; take no day for granted; take no moment for granted.  This doesn’t mean we should live in fear of losing any part of what is near and dear to us.  It simply means we can choose to be deeply mindful of how precious the gifts are and honor the gifts with gratitude and humility.  When we choose to see life this way, every day, every meal, every hug, every kiss hello as well as good-bye…indeed every breath we take becomes a mindfulness practice that encourages us to make our grudges and resentments short-lived.  Our sense of wonder and awe at the gifts make it an eternally “now” experience.  Doing this connects you with life, which is where you want to be! 

Today in your reflecting consider where you may have been taking others for granted.  What can you do differently starting right now?  Remember, the small steps count as well!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy