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What is it that makes you smile?  When I look through my pictures I am struck by how very blessed I am.  This picture is one of those that makes me smile!  My boys love baseball and they love the Oakland A’s.  (Although, I think my middle son, Kurt may like the San Francisco Giants better). 

My oldest son, Kent Jr. has been an A’s fan ever since I can remember.  I have pictures of him when he was little wearing Oakland A’s t-shirts and hats.  Would you like to know a stat about baseball, ask him and he probably knows the answer.  My youngest son, Kevin bought some season tickets to the A’s game this year and has been having a blast taking his brothers and friends. 

One of my most memorable mother’s days was when my boys (and my daughter! also a fan!) took me to the Oakland A’s baseball game.  First of all, I have to admit, I am not a baseball fan, but sitting in the stands listening to them yell and scream and hollar was quite the experience!

Last summer as a special surprise I got A’s tickets when I came to town.  We all had a great time, although I have to admit it was cold and after I had my share of peanuts and beer and I was ready to go and take a nap.  Baseball is not my thing, but spending time with family is such a treat. 

Today in your writing do you have some special memories with either baseball or brothers or sons?  This can be a great topic to explore in your writing today!

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