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Do you hear the whisper?

writing coach relaxesInside each of us within our consciousness deep within our soul is a longing to be more of our essential self.  Inside each of us is a divine treasure full of joy, creativity, peace, compassion and unconditional love.  Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind “Mever was there a cosmic famine.  we may stumble, but always there is that Eternal Voice, forever whispering within our ear, that thing which causes the eternal quest, that thing which forever sings and sings.”

To hear the whisper we need to quiet the outside noises.  We also need to quiet our mind.  Go to the stillness and listen to the whispering.

Today in your journal what is that voice saying to you?  what do you need to write about today?  Maybe that story you have been afraid to get too close to is ready to be written.  Breathe deep and go within, you can do it.

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Choose your friends wisely…

When I spend time writing in my journal and work on my memoir, the friendships of my life are often a topic.  Whether I am focusing on my early childhood friends or the friends I have today it always makes me happy.  I was writing the other day about a childhood friend and remembering that we used to love to eat pickles together.  We loved pickles so much we would even drink the pickle juice!  She was the youngest of her siblings, who were quite a bit older than her, so she had lots of toys.  One of the things I loved about having her as a friend was that she had every barbie made, plus all the accessories.  We didn’t have much in common, other than the pickles, but I wonder why I chose her to be my playmate.  Could it have been my longing to play with all those barbies, since the closest thing I had was a Dusty doll? 

Look at your friendships you have today.  Why do you have the friends you have today?  Did you meet at a club you both belonged to?  Did you live in the same neighborhood?  It is fun to write about our friendships and how they began.  Spend some time this week writing about the friends in your life.  Try to start back with your childhood, which friends do you particularly remember?  Who did you hang out with in high school?  When you began having children did you find other friends with young children as well?  Which friends have you savored over the years?  There is nothing more precious in our lives than our friends.  Our friends keep us balanced and alive.  Even Courtney loves hanging out with her friends, Peanut and Princess.

As a special bonus, make a phone call or write a letter to some of your special friends and tell them what your friendship has meant to you!

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Awww, the joys of life…


I love this picture as it reminds me of the things that I love to do…I love the smell of the ocean air and the cool breezes that blow.  The feel of the sand under your feet and between your toes.  I love watching Courtney run on the beach, being ever so careful not to get her paws too wet!  What are the joys that you love remembering and writing about?  What are those sweet times in your life that you remember that strike you with their depth and beauty?  Sometimes just taking out our journal and recording those sweet moments of our lives can be rewarding.  Remember the feeling of your first kiss or when you first saw your newborn baby?  Our lives are encompassed of sweet moments that if we let them can take our breath away.  Start recording your joys of remembrances.  Start by recording moments that make you smile…writing coach relaxes

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What is your challenge?

This morning as I was walking Courtney I started thinking about the challenges we all face over time.  Some of these challenges are challenges that come to us that we need to overcome.  Other times we challenge ourselves to do something or to be better.  Starting June 1st Melanie (above in the picture) and I are going to do the Bikram 30 day challenge.  30 yoga classes in 30 days.  Not only are we going to set our intentions on completing this challenge but we are also challenging ourselves to a detox of our bodies by not eating any preservatives or alcohol or sugar  for 30 days (sniff, sniff…).  So here we are having a toast to our challenge and marvelling at how great we are going to feel on June 30th. 

What is your challenge?  Is there a challenge placed upon you right now or is there a challenge that you would like to accomplish?  I love these words spoken by Martin Luther King:

The ultimate measure of a person
is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience,
but where the stand in times of challenge and controversy.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

So how about for the month of June you challenge yourself to something for 30 days.  You could challenge yourself to journal for 30 days of June if you are not a regular journaler.  You could challenge yourself to walk every day if you are not a walker.  You could challenge yourself in any area.  I will post a picture on June 30th of me and Mel and let you know how our challenge went.  And I hope you will plan on joining us at our happy hour on June 30th as we celebrate our completion of our 30 day challenge!

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Word Association Writing Exercise

writing coachMany of my students ask me about writing prompts and writing exercises.  I love writing prompts for those times when you feel a bit stuck.  Last night in my class we talked about writing with your non-dominant hand and seeing what comes out of you.  Have  you tried that?  I have also heard that this exercise gets you in touch with your inner child as well!  One exercise that I do on a fairly consistent basis is one that I call word association.  This is something that you can do anywhere and at any time.  Just take out your notebook or journal and begin writing words.  It is interesting to see what words just magically pop up in your head. These may be words that you associate with your childhood or how you are in the present.   Here is an example of a word assocation exercise that I did in the past:

  • promise, bagel, read, snuggle, hike, explore, blue, meditate, relax, angel, care, adore, laugh, tomatoes, farmers markets, Peet’s, share, father, regret, sadness, loss, dining, heartbeat, death, beautiful, dream, struggle, tears, reunion, massage, champagne, cafe, imagine, completion, one, toes, skin, Irish Coffee, oysters, joy, celebrate, cheese, taste, create, visualize, begin, fresh, new, packers, hedgehog, silly

As you can see from my exercise that you can just write whatever word pops into your subconsciousness!  This is a fun exercise that really only takes minutes, but it is a good way to start your day off with writing! 

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Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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