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Back to your birthplace…

This weekend I am in my hometown of San Jose, California.  The occasion is to run a half marathon with my daughter and various friends.  This marks my 9th half marathon in this calendar year.  If you are a regular reader you will know my goal is to run 12 in a calendar year…which I should be able to accomplish since I have Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and Los Angeles scheduled to end out my year. 

I have no longer been a resident of  San Jose for just a little over 4 years now.  Yesterday I took a little trip down memory lane by visiting my old elementary school.  I even drove down to my old house and walked the sidewalk that I once used to roller skate on and of course pogo stick.  I saw my favorite sidewalk square where I used to play jacks with my friends.  I saw the corner where I used to hide out and throw rocks at the passing cars.  Even though the landscape is of the neighborhood is almost unrecognizable the memory of the emotions still exist.  The emotions that are tied to the events of my childhood still live in my mind. 

I drove over to Hellyer Park where I played as a kid. I witnessed the creek that I used to catch crawdads in and smelled the tall Eucalyptus trees.  I could picture my younger self wading the creek with my homemade net carefully moving the rocks with an eager eye for a flash of red.  I could almost feel the cool water rushing past me as I listened to the melodious sound of the water floating by. 

San Jose is my birthplace, but it is no longer home to me.  I love the crunch of the leaves under my feet as I walk Courtney through the neighborhoods we used to walk before we moved.  I wonder if she remembers since this too is her birthplace.  I wonder if she remembers the squirrel who used to chatter on the fence for her to come out and play and then for hours they would race back and forth along the fence until the squirrel would tire and climb up in the tree out of her view. 

Memory is a beautiful thing.  I love being back to my birthplace, but I am looking forward to seeing my Palm Trees of my beautiful city of Palm Springs.

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Pushing through…

getting ready to do a 4 mile training run

I was asked by the warden (Melitas’ warden) a few months ago if I would be interested in training for the Rock n Roll half marathon.  I thought about it for two seconds and said sure!  The warden has run a few half marathons and full marathons in her life and remembered the joy of it.  I began training back in August and at first it was very hard.  It seemed like I could only run 5 minutes until I was tired or bored.  I have kept up my training with not only running, but I also do Bikram Yoga on a daily basis (sometimes 2 classes in one day), biking, and  hiking.  Each week I notice I am getting stronger and stronger.  Even though the Indian Wells Half Marathon got cancelled this year I will be running it in Phoenix in January.  But before than I am going to do the Palm Springs Annual Road Tram Challenge.  This is only 3.7 miles, but it is vertical!  You climb 2,000 feet~

What I have learned about myself is that I can do anything I set my mind to as long as believe in myself.  If someone would have told me a year ago I would be in the shape I am in today I wouldn’t have believed it…but hard work pays off!  It all started with my Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge back in June where my sidekick Melanie and I did 46 classes in 30 days.  From there I began training with running, biking and hiking.  The best part is coming home to my dog and getting lots of puppy kisses.

What are some areas that you need to push through.  Is there something you would love to do but haven’t done yet?  What is stopping you?

I love coming home from a run to Courtney!

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