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Maggie Oh Maggie…

When I first moved to the desert three years ago, one of the first articles I read in the newspaper was from Maggie Downs.  I immediately loved her writing.  Reading one of her articles is like sitting down with an old friend.  One of my goals was to get an article in the paper about me written by Maggie herself!  A year ago February I had the opportunity to sit with Maggie and get interviewed by her at Koffi in Palm Springs.  I immediately liked her energy and what is not to like about Maggie!  She wrote a great article about me and my business almost a year and a half ago and believe it or not, people are still coming to me because of her article!  For those of you who are reading my blog and you are not familiar with who Maggie is, let me encourage you to go check out and check out her amazing around the globe trip.  I can hardly wait until her book comes out!  Thanks again Maggie for being you and for sharing your view of the world with all of your adoring fans!

Today in your writing think about your goals.  These could be personal goals or business goals.  One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of writing out our dreams and visions.  What do you want to be doing a year from now?  If you have been in my workshops and have been working on your memoir, set some writing goals for yourself.  Visualize, Write and Empower yourself today!

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Set your intentions…

One of the best things to do for yourself is to set an intention and then make it happen.  Intentions are great for relationships, goals and anything that you would like to accomplish in life.  I have made some very strong intentions this year of 2011.  What I like to do is write out my intention and then keep it clear in my mind.  When deciding what to set as your intention think about what it is that motivates you.  My latest and greatest intention was my 30 Day Challenge.  One of my best friends, Melanie invited me to join her at her Bikram Yoga class in Palm Desert about 6 weeks ago.  At first I was unsure if I wanted to go because I knew that when I was a member of my Bikram Yoga San Jose studio I was hooked on it.  I wasn’t sure if I could make this commitment.  Well, after one class I knew I still had the desire and the drive and the Bikram Yoga University Village studio was gorgeous.  The teachers were all enthusiastic and dedicated and I knew I was home.  I set my intention on making the 30 day challenge and challenging myself to put myself to the edge of my comfort zone.  I not only completed the challenge, but I also committed myself to take out alcohol, sugar and caffeine for the entire 30 days.   During these 30 days, Melanie and I completed 46 classes (several days we did doubles: back to back!).  What this has done for me has reminded me that our mind is very smart.  Not only have I felt better, but I lost 22 pounds during these last 30 days. 

Today in your journaling, what would you like to set an intention to do?  Dream big, what would you like to do?  Set some goals for yourself.  Now that my 30 day challenge is over we are celebrating with our friends at the 3rd Corner Bistro in Palm Desert.  If you are in the area, come join us and cheers to everyone!!

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"Because of Tammy I have found confidence in my writing and feel blessed to be honored in such a way. I have found my voice. I have found freedom! I recommend anyone for whatever reason to expand their life and sign up for her writing workshops or classes. You'll be amazed at how good you are and how everyone has a story worth telling. Sign up and set your voice free!"
Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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