Often when I am writing a page about a relationship, I’m struck by how many relationships are not symmetrical-people are so different, but we balance each other in beautiful ways.  When I see pictures of my great-grandparents, they just didn’t seem to go together, she was a big broad German woman and he looked half her size, but they were quite the couple that all of the town adored.  Together, they just fit.  The dynamic of their relationship was balanced, but not symmetrical.  This is true for most of us: our lives are not symmetrical.  There is no neat arrangement.  But our lives can still by asymmetrically balanced, and beautifully so.  A part of our work on earth is finding this balance on a personal level: How do I give and take?  How do I make time for myself and time for others, and with others?  How can my relationship with my partner encompass the gifts we both bring?  How can the partnership nurture us and nurture others?  We also need to find balance on a global level: How do we take advantage of the gifts of the planet without overusing them?  How do we maintain our own integrity and care for others at the same time?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy