I just took this picture the other day and I thought I would blog about it today.  Courtney, my wienerdog – although lately I have been calling her my “whiner” dog as she has been whining when it gets close to her feeding times!  Behind her is her buddy Gracie.  These two are so funny, when Courntey lays on the couch Gracie comes up and lays next to her and puts her paw around her.  It is so sweet and cute. 

It caused me to reflect and think about who we surround ourselves with.  I like to surround myself with friends who love me and have my back, much like the above picture shows with Gracie and Courtney!  I have more close friends than I can even count and that is truly a blessing.  So this blog is dedicated to all my friends from here and there that I know surround me with their love.  As my snowbirds are getting closer to coming back to the desert, I can hardly wait! 

Today in your writing examine if you are surrounding yourself with those who love you.  If you have room for more friends and love start seeking out those who can surround you with love as you in turn love them back!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy