Tonight was a great event with one of my favorite groups, the girlfriend factor.  Tonight we had our wines of the world event where we have 5 different stations and they paired wines with different foods.  Let me see, we went to Argentina, Spain, Italy, France and South Africa (I think!!)  What a great event and there are so many wonderful women here in the desert.  On the way out one of my students was there and she said very simply…I am glad I met you.  Well, let me tell you those 7 words meant the world to me.  It made me think about who do I need to tell that I really appreciate them.  Think about who matters to you and why don’t you write a brief card or email to someone you care about.  We really do have a lot of power in our words.  If you love someone or respect someone, let them know!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy