How do you express your love to your loved ones?  One of my favorite things I absolutely love to do is cook!  I love every aspect of it…well, maybe not the cleaning up part!  I love thinking about what I want to cook.  I love shopping for the best vegetables and ingredients.  I love the prep work involved.  I love the smells that come from the kitchen and then most importantly I love sharing my cooking with family and friends.

I love looking around the table at those who are joining my table for the meal. 

What do you do in your life that you love to share? 

Do you know that when you write your memoir you are sharing your love, your legacy, with your loved ones. 

We all show our love in various ways.  Consider ways in which you show your love.  When I move into a bigger “casa” I want to have weekly dinners and invite various friends.  It is so much fun to share in this way. 

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy