Yesterday was a gorgeous December day here in Palm Springs.  Since I had nothing pending on my schedule I laced up my shoes and headed out the door.  I was curious to see the distance from my door up through the beautiful Las Palmas neighborhood, all the way near the mountain to the entrance to the Indian Canyons.  The run was breathtaking with the clouds over the mountains and the blue, blue skies of our desert.  The final tally was 7.05 to the entrance and the total round trip I ran was 14.1.

I beat my most run distance by 1 mile.  The amazing thing was that I felt so good running yesterday.  My mind was focused on the beauty of the moment, my legs felt strong and no pain.

I contemplated about my new 2013 visions and goals.  Last year I created a vision board on what I wanted to come my way for 2012.  I am happy to report that what I dreamed and desired for the year I brought into my life.

I am a big believer in the power of visualization and believing that we can have what our heart desires.

This next year I know will be even bigger and better than previous years…

Have you ever created a vision board?  Why not make one this year…dream…dream big and watch what the universe provides for you!
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