My newest challenge is that I am going to commit to running my first half marathon on October 3 in San Jose!  I have already started my training this past week and at this point I have less than 8 weeks to prepare!  This race to me is like a metaphor of life.  We all run our own race.  Those of us who write know that when you are in the middle of your writing project it is as though you are running that marathon.  Sometimes you are far from the finish line, but you know it is there.  Other times we can see the finish line but can’t seem to reach it.  As I train (and write) these next few weeks let me remember that it is not just about finishing, but it is about the journey. I want to enjoy each moment of my training and writing and each moment of my life.

As you write today, what are the obstacles that may stand in your way of finishing your race?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy