Things I would have walked by fifteen years ago-a striking flower, the sun sparkling on the water, a photograph of the light reflected in someone’s eyes-stop me now.  Sometimes we get so accustomed to something that we no longer “see” it-let alone see the beauty in it.  Photography sharpens our sense of sight and helps us rediscover the beauty we’ve missed.

Yesterday was my first day at art class.  What a joy as I worked with paint and paper.  I loved it!  I was thrilled with what I brought home because I had personally created it!  Today I am equally as thrilled as I am getting ready to head down to our local farmers market.  I love looking at all the beautiful colors of the beauty of the fruits and vegetables.  Our farmers market closes during the summer months due to the heat, so I am glad it is back even though the predicted temperatures should be around 110.

Today in your writing and your world where can you rediscover beauty that you may have been overlooking?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy