Lummi Island Retreats

Tammy offers  retreats on Lummi Island and at her home in Northern Washington

Join me at a REC Retreat on beautiful Lummi Island!

REC stands for Recharge – Enrich – Create

“Our retreats are designed to cultivate healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy imaginations: yoga, creative arts, quilting, creative writing, wellness, corporate team-building, “survival skills” for busy professionals, cooking, heritage skills, and summer camp for big kids!” ~ REC Retreats

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Recreational Retreats at Lummi

Retreat Dates Announced

March 31st

5 Lessons in Writing with a focus on descriptive writing, writing to heal, short story and memoir.  This day long workshop is a favorite with Tammy’s students.  Here you will get to write both fiction and non-fiction.  Many times students will say I just want to write fiction or only non-fiction for me, yet when presented with writing a different style they often find they like what they see.  You will get some key points on how to make your writing more descriptive in all areas.  We will spend a portion of our day talking and sharing about the healing aspects of writing. 

Let’s face it, we all have painful things in our life that are hard to let go, come put it down on paper and examine it.  You will have the opportunity to release and let go what may be holding you back.  Then we will touch on short story and how to add something special to your storytelling mix.  For those of you not wanting to write a full length novel, short stories are a great way to get you into the writing mode!  And finally we will end with memoir and how you can become your own personal historian.  You will leave with several short pieces written that you can go home and turn into a larger more reflective piece or pieces!

May 5th

Mother’s Legacy

Let’s face it, when it comes to mother’s we all have so much we could write about.  This important day long workshop will explore our relationships with our very first one, our mother.  Whether you reflect back on this relationship with pure joy or sorrow come and get ready to delve into this topic.  When we write our personal stories about this relationship you will find it can be an avenue to challenging myths and healing psychological wounds.  You will get to learn more about how Tammy was able to use writing about her painful relationship with her mother has not only strengthened her relationship but has made her understand more of the dynamics of the two.  You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of the person you called mom.

October 6th and 7th One or Both Days

Women’s Legacy Series, feel free to join on one or both days.  The Women’s Legacy Series is designed to lead you into writing about what makes you uniquely you.  We will explore the vital elements of your inner life and write about them.  The very act of exploring our personal truths will stimulate growth and you will see what truly matters to you, your values, beliefs and hopes.  We will explore the key people of our lives, significant experiences, beginnings and endings, places that have held deep meaning for us, our childhood, our successes and failures and so much more.  In short bursts we will write to some chosen prompts to guide your thinking and by the end of the day or weekend you will leave with many vignettes that will lead you closer to discovering who you are.

Lummi Retreat and Washington Cancellations

Refunds (minus a non-refundable deposit of 10%) are available at 75% up to 90 days in advance of the retreat, 50% up to 60 days in advance and 25% up to 30 days in advance.  No refunds are possible after May 1, 2019 – no exceptions.  Travel insurance is highly recommended.

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