I saw this picture recently and it struck me with its truth.  I have always felt like people come across our lives for various reasons.  Sometimes we may need them for a short time to cause a change in us.  Sometimes we may need a helping hand along our journey.  But there are times that we may be the change that person needs.  I try to be aware of all who come across my path.  I like to keep my eyes open for those who come into my life.  I can list so many friends who have helped me on my journey, yet today they are not a part of my life.  I have come to accept that sometimes they were only meant to be in a part of my life for a short reason.  Sometimes the friendship ends due to distance whether that is by location or friendship.  But I have grown to realize that things happen for a reason.

Look and examine your friendships and know that there is a reason for each one!
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